Queer Spirit Retreats 2012

Are you tired of the bar life? Does this feel like your only option? Well no more!

Queer Spirit Presents: Claiming Our Power, A Gay Men's Retreat


Claiming Our Power: A Gay Men’s Retreat
September 7-9, 2012

Bring gay men together in Circle to explore what the specific gifts are that we bring, things that the larger culture needs. (H.Hayes, Activitist)

By accessing ceremony, storytelling, movement, and expression we create a space that facilitates friendship and connection, as well as a new sense of self in your broader world! This retreat assists participants in creating “new stories” of empowerment as gay men, with gay men.  We incorporate the use of heart circles and indigenous ceremony/ritual with the aim of honoring our path as queer men.

Come and enjoy the companionship

of other queer men in a

retreat setting .

Dialogue, Explore, Stretch, and Play

in a setting that nurtures the human

spirit. We bring Queer Men together to

explore the stories of our lives by

creating community of like minded


Bon fires, yoga, heart circles,

and sweat lodge among other activities are

available for you to dive in and stretch your

vision.   All Queer Men are

invited (gay, bi and trans men), all age groups

encouraged, all body types and belief systems


We will come together on Friday at 1 pm and concluded Sunday after lunch, around 1 pm. Cost includes lodging, meals and cost of the retreat.

This process taps into the hidden mysteries of our lives, mysteries that most indigenous communities have understood for centuries. Participants share, express, pursue and manifest the magic of being queer   We seek out the beauty of who we are as gay men by stalking stories of fresh, vibrant, magical ways of being queer.

Spring & Fall 2012 Retreat Registration

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