Heart Circle & Pipe Ceremony


Sunday, January 13, 2013

1:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM
Salt Lake City, UT

We will explore and share the intentions and passions of our hearts for ourselves and our community. In this sharing and creative process we will share, listen and refine the intentions we carry for ourselves. At the conclusion of this sharing we will participate in a Sacred Pipe Ceremony. Pipe Ceremony is considered to be a powerful way to send our intentions into the Universe and is approached with great respect and reverence.

What to Expect: A sacred space is set in which we tell our stories, share our dreams and offer prayer for community and ourselves.  This is an opportunity to be in the company of each other with a focused intent of building community and support for each other.

The pipe ceremony is a sacred ritual for connecting physical and spiritual worlds. “The pipe is a link between the earth and the sky, nothing is more sacred. The pipe is our prayer in physical form. Smoke becomes our words; it goes out, touches everything, and becomes a part of all there is. The fire in the pipe is the same fire in the sun, which is the source of life.” (White Deer of Autumn)

Those conducting the ceremony will explain the particulars of the ritual.  We begin with smudging (clearing the space) and focusing on being present in the circle.  Tobacco is passed to each person who offers prayers and words for self, family and community.  When all have shared, the tobacco is loaded into the pipes and smoked.  Those not wishing to smoke can request to be blessed with the pipe.  This is part prayer, sharing and meditation.

This event has been a popular gathering for Queer Spirit and has been helpful in facilitating connection and process in participant’s lives.

Please invite friends and other interested parties to this evening of sharing and connections.

RSVP for address and details.


Heart circle is one of the central traditions of faerie community and is quickly becoming a favorite Queer Spirit Activity. We come together in a circle to speak from the heart, and to listen to one another through our hearts. Usually a talisman of some kind (a talking stick, a shawl, a day-glo bubble wand) is used to identify who is speaking— as long as that person holds the talisman that person speaks, without interruption or feedback, and everyone else listens, with as much attention and compassion as we can muster. In some heart circles the talisman is passed around the circle and each person has that opportunity to speak or to pass the talisman. In other circles when one person is done speaking, any other person may ask for it. Either way, passing the talisman is an intimate exchange, often accompanied by a hug or a kiss.

Speaking from the heart is difficult to define, but we know when we’re doing it, and when we’re not. The quality of a heart circle comes as much (or more) from the listening as from the speaking. Many of us have had some or our most deeply emotional, healing, transformative experiences in heart circle.