Group Psychic Reading

Ronalafae Thapa Harding

Rona is a nationally recognized psychic and medium who for many years called Salt Lake City her home.

When I met Rona I asked for a reading.  She was incredibly accurate in reading and communicating with those beyond the veil.  I found her approach to be simple and without fanfare as well as incredibly accurate in her reflections.   Since that time I have witnessed her work with others and find her abilities unique, powerful and incredibly helpful.  Its an exciting time to be able to invite her to our home to do a group reading.

On Friday October 5, 2012 at 7 p.m. at our home in Holladay Rona will be doing a group reading, we will gather as an audience and she will read the group as information comes to her.   Cost is $50 for each person and the session tends to last 2-3 hours.    Space is limited so RSVP is appreciated, first come, first serve.  You can pay at time of the event.

Bruce and Jerry’s Home
2084 East 6425 South
Holladay UT 84121
(801) 557-9203

Other Services:  Should you desire a private session with RONA she is also available by appointment.  $100 per hr or 2 dollars a minute. She can be reached at or 360-673-7466 (ask for Rona)