Gay Wisdom

Harry Hay writes:

No group in American history has gained widespread acceptance without showing that they brought a gift for society with them. All the successive waves of immigrants did this, whether they built the railroads and highways or provided whatever labor was needed. We know that there are many gifts we bring, but they are not well articulated for the general public. So we must tell them what gifts we bring, and in order to do so, we must first figure out what those gifts are.

Bring gay men together in Circle to explore what the specific gifts are that we bring, things that the larger culture needs. And once you have a consensus as to what those gifts are, begin letting the culture know exactly what it is that they are getting from us. It is in this way that we will be given respect and acceptance, not by simply demanding rights or asserting that we deserve them.

Andrew Ramer writes:

We are an ancient people. Because we live between male and female, matter and spirit, the living and the dead, and because we come from every other people, we are honored in many cultures for our capacity to link, connect, and unify. We have been called gate-keepers and bridge builders. We are Walks-Between People, a natural healing and peacekeeping force in the world.

As consciousness scouts we explore the terrain of life to find what is new and needed. We are transformational artist and beauty-makers. We are healers, especially gifted as midwives for the dying. We have always met in sacred groves, for we are the guardians of the trees. Some of us work alone, others in community. Sometimes we work through our actions, and sometime we work silently, in prayer and meditation. Now is the time for us to own who we are, as individuals and as a tribe. In a world that needs our gifts.