Deeksha Blessing

Experience Deeksha…

Every Tuesday Night at 7pm

What is this phenomenon sweeping the earth called Deeksha, aka Oneness Blessing?
Experiences vary from person to person.  Some have been filled with incredible joy while receiving Deeksha.
Others see bright lights or colorful bursts of energy.  Many are overcome with a tremendous feeling of peace, love and serenity.
Oneness Deeksha is a transfer of love.  Energy from your Divine.  It is not associated with any one religion, but enhances, deepens and expands your own personal beliefs.  Deeksha diminishes the belief that we are separate and awakens us to the truth that we are all One.  Interconnected Beings.  Aspects of the Divine.  Here on earth to learn to love and to be loved.
Deeksha is most commonly transferred through touch or intent with the Deeksha Giver gently placing their hands on the head, or crown chakra of the recipient.  Deeksha is an unspoken blessing that facilitates a deeper connection with your Divine and brings an awareness of the divine presence that resides within each of us.
Many people are reporting that they no longer have cravings, addictions or ‘bad’ habits.  Relationships are improving with parents, children, partners and co-workers.  Problems that appeared to have no solutions are dissolving.  As turmoil continues throughout the world, many are experiencing inner peace and learning to live in ways that are more harmonious with the earth, each other and themselves.
Abundance flows more freely.
The realization that We Are One is happening.   
Humanity is Awakening to Oneness.
Experience Oneness!
 Experience Deeksha!
Every Tuesday 7pm
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