Bermuda Paradise Retreat

Special Announcement  and Opportunity

As you may know I frequent the island of Bermuda at least twice a year.  In Bermuda is a group of people who have come to embrace the ceremonies of the sweat lodge as introduced to them by Wallace Black Elk prior to his death.  Out of bamboo poles we construct a lodge and hold very powerful and beautiful ceremonies and sacred circles.   This year we are inviting you to come and join us.  Below are the details of this sacred weekend of prayer, sweat and exploration of our personal gifts.  This is a very intimate and special weekend of growth and connections.

Retreat Details

On the island we will be hosted by Bermuda’s Spirit House, a house built and dedicated for retreats.  Bedding is a small dorm setting in which there are 8 bunk beds.  Linens/towels are provided as well as three meals a day.  The retreat will encompass November 16-18, 2012.  It is recommended that you treat Thursday as a travel day, if traveling from Salt Lake City.  Between the travel time and time change you will want to relax on Thursday, take in some sights, until the beginning of the retreat on Friday Night.  Cost for the weekend which includes retreat, housing, food is $300.00 (I would be glad to make recommendations on travel arrangements if you require that guidance.)

Bermuda Lodge

Retreat Expectations

First of all you will make incredible connections and friendships.  I LOVE my family in Bermuda.

We will start on Friday Night, in which we will have an opening circle, touch base, create our altar space, process intentions and have our first sweat lodge.

The next day we will process our lodge journey, sit in circle and share and explore the journey of the night before.  We will discuss the tradition of lodge and setting our prayers in motion.  We will do a series of journeying exercises with the goal of assisting folks in accessing their guides and inner wisdom.  That night we will have our second lodge, then on Sunday we will do our third lodge.  Afterwards we will close our circle on the sands of Bermuda as we sacredly dip in the Ocean.

During the retreat we stick primarily to the retreat center.  There will be time on Thursday and Friday until 5 pm to tour the island.  You would also be welcome to stay at Spirit House for additional cost should you stay longer (I will be heading home on Monday). 

If this journey is of interest to you please contact Jerry Buie as soon as possible so that appropriate plans can be made in your behalf.  This is a simple journey and agenda and subject to change.  Please contact me at or 801.557.9203