Why Body Sensual?

A loving embrace

From time to time John and I attempt to host a BODY SENSUAL workshop.  An open invitation to come and explore our sensual and sexual magic with other men, in a loving container (space)….

John writes:

“Enjoy this journey as you find a deeper connection to yourself. Identify the binds that tie you to myths and useless stories about your relationship with other men, sexual orientation, and sexual exploration. Experience the freedom to be who you really are as a man….as a Gay Man.”

What’s always interesting to us is the responses we get from these workshops. Here are some of the questions we get.

Is this going to be an ORGY?

Do I have to get naked?

What if I get on a table with someone who is…….?

and the list goes on, but the primary angle to these questions are often inundated with stories of fear and shame.  There is something wrong with my sexuality!

All of us, gay or straight and in between, are raised in a culture that promotes shame and embarrassment around our bodies and particularly our sexuality.  As children we are told, often if exploring ourselves, to “Don’t touch that” and  ”That’s icky”  not to mention the stories that are directed towards gay men if we love or are curious in other men’s bodies.  There is something perverted or wrong about us if we adore the male body, in particular, we are LESS THAN A MAN….  For many of us who are out… In a society becoming more aware of queer people, we still get a little nervous in openly proclaiming our love of our Queer Sexuality.   Whether directly (being told and shamed by parents, society or religious leaders) or indirectly (the failure to find healthy images of our sexuality) we incorporate these ideas into our sense of self and being.



BODY SENSUAL is an opportunity to sit in community, with other Queer Men, of different ages and body shapes and sizes and  explore these stories, by exploring we find our voice and communion with each other.  We are challenged to step into our own voices, to claim our bodies without shame, to celebrate our sensual and sexual energy.  Traditions throughout the world have recognized the healing energy of sensual play…. but our culture tends to become overly dependent on the notion of embarrassment around our bodies.

SO, what might you expect?  We will spend time talking, sharing, witnessing each other as we share and discuss these dynamics in our lives.  At some point we will disrobe, and in groups of three offer each other massage in a guided meditation and exploration.  Not for the intent of being sexual, but in creating a loving, nurturing space to explore this energy, each other.  We will have music in the background that leads our time together as John guides the process.  When our sessions are over, we share this energy and loving communion with each other in loving embrace.  Then we focus on sending that energy out to the world for healing.  I am always touched as we come together in our final circle how powerful the workshop has been as evidenced by the loving connection we share as we look into each others’ eyes.

As one primarily from an LDS background…initially I found myself somewhat apprehensive about my first time with this process.  All the stories come flooding to back to me…it was powerful to know I was not alone in these stories.  I enjoyed the talking and sharing of these stories.  It was good to offer them to the to be released and to invite the touch of my fellow traveler! What I found at the end of the evening was a stronger communion with my body, my sense of self and a loving connection to my brothers.

So NO, this is not an orgy…. Yes you will be naked at some point.  Your table will be as diverse as our lives…. we will have boundaries and we encourage you to use your voice in setting boundaries on what you like and what you do not like.  Our goal…. to shift shame to pride, to lift sexual guilt to sexual joy….. and to find your SENSUAL MAGIC.

Please contact JOHN at John@mbody.com for more details or visit the Body Sensual page of the website.








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