BLOG: The New In The New Year

My Friend, Elder and “Family” Charles Lawrence recently wrote this article that I found moving and challenging. Perhaps his thoughts may stir you in forming your prayer and intention for yourself. Charles writes:

The New In The New Year

Considering what is truly “new” within the new can be precursor to considerable refinement and upgrading of the individual journey. This numinous threshold requires quality time and comprehension being invested in ascertaining what one is truly inviting of Being to assist one in evolving into “next”.

True “New” can be challenging for many. Within social and religious groups, boundaries exist to keep the followers in line. So true “New” can be fraught with threats of exclusion and loss of support so dear to many. William Blake urged that each one create their own “systems” or forever be enslaved to mass man systems.

Native Elders have spoken of the journey to discover the “New”, requiring courage and a strong relationship with the Divine Mystery. Archetypically, the “Sacres”, those who left the comfort of the known to explore/expand awareness, must leave, what the consensus agreed on, behind.

Vince Stogan, Coast Salish Elder, spoke of the “glimmering” and the dedication of following the signs and markings to discover what is truly “new” for the individual. The “new” vision is sought, such as with a First Nations Vision Quest, by placing one’s self into the place of “Crying” for a “new” way to Be for self, clan and Nation.

Serious travelers of the Way of the Shamanic forms, deliberately make “death” an ally. Thus one is more equipped to truly engage in the “new” after undergoing the necessary transformative “death”, the renewal/re-birth. Without death of what was, no transcendent renewal.

I see this initially and primarily as the individual needing to know what she/he is “looking for”, and then the collective is infused with “New” individual perspective and participation. Where there are strong, clear, healthy individuals, the community has the possibility of evolving constantly.

“New” appears before us continuously, new year, new moon, new day, new relationship, new intent. But is it? As before, I urge considering and reconsidering before making a decision. My Hopi Elders taught me the wise art of the purposeful conversation in which considering was essential. Only then, after a seemingly long period of time, a truly wise “New” can be collectively chosen. As I learned, the wise/correct “New” will usually reveal itself. And, surprise, the ones who are dedicated to the depth considering, are changed, renewed in the ways of Mystery.

In the dominant Western culture, wisdom has not received much notice nor attention, thus coyote has played the main role in invigorating, renewing. Determining a “new” anything can become a deep internal process, wherein Source, Inner Intelligence, guides/points to the non-usual way to effect the preferred “New”.

To be truly vital, accessing and flowing with the Eternal Forces, being self renewed daily, moment by moment, requires, as Gurdjieff demanded, constant “remembering”. This requires the discipline, the dedication to Mystery, to be available, to be the one who will step forth differently, consciously, purposefully, the one who will break the ingrained patterns of social/religious/collective stagnation. With true hearted love, be the change, be the “New” in the new. The ever “NOW”, whose very nature depends on dynamic tension to be truly alive, must be constantly evolving, ever renewing, ever purposefully flowing in the direction of dynamic wellness/wholeness.

So, with the essential “what”, preceding the sequential “how”, are you each considering crafting the “New” in this “New” Year?

Sagwaho, (Charles)

I hope you enjoyed this gift…. may it shape our direction in this new age!


Jerry Buie

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